Global challenges and the role of the EU

The democratic space in the world is shrinking, several authoritarian regimes are becoming stronger and nationalist currents are visible both inside and outside the EU. Rainforests are being devastated in Brazil, the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement and the climate is threatened by high carbon dioxide emissions and unsustainable production, which mainly affects countries with widespread poverty.

The role, cooperation and world order of the EU are discussed, but how do EU countries really hold together in difficult times? How can the EU counterbalance other strong nations? And how can the EU countries together deal with the global challenges we face? Is cross-border collaboration possible to achieve clear results?

With the EU as a starting point, FUF wants to invite discussion between Mats Karlsson, former State Secretary for Swedish Development Aid and Head of the World Bank and Lina Arvidsson, fellow in International Youth Think Tank with a background in civil society issues at Swedish and European level. The purpose of the conversation is to contribute to an increased discussion about the EU's role with new perspectives and priorities in Swedish and European policy. The conversation is moderated by FUF's board member Lennart Wohlgemuth.

The call takes place live via Zoom and requires registration, registration closes at 23:55 on 26/10

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