Global Sustainable Peace and Security - Network Meeting 1

The concept "Responsibility to protect / R2P" and the climate and its impact on sustainable peace and security  

Welcome to the first meeting of the Network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security!

During our first meeting, you will get an overview of the work of developing the concept "global sustainable peace and security", you will receive information about different methods of working for peace and security and how the climate issue is linked to peace and security.

You will be able to listen to invited experts, have the opportunity to ask questions directly to them and to discuss further within the network.

As we know, wars, conflicts and crises resolve each other and world leaders constantly have new issues to negotiate and resolve. The doctrine Obligation to protect (R2P) has been used to try to deal with some of the most cruel and difficult crises.

The United States has previously waged a controversial war on terror, but is now withdrawing its troops in several quarters and in favor of non-military tools, such as diplomacy or trade. The latest example of this can be seen in Syria, where the United States chose to impose severe economic sanctions on Turkey, especially its military presence. At the same time, we can see that the EU is having difficulty agreeing on how to deal with this issue and is discussing arms embargoes and other economic sanctions. When are the methods used; diplomacy, economy or military action to create a global sustainable peace and security?

The world is facing new challenges to work for global sustainable peace and security. There are reports of forests burning, harvesting and homes being washed away by heavy rainfall and in other places it is extremely dry. How do we deal with crises like the fires in the Amazon? How well adapted is the doctrine of Obligation to protect when it comes to climate change? Is diplomacy sufficient, or should other means be used in the name of global peace and security?

We will also learn more about how the climate can fit into the work for sustainable peace and security. And how the climate and peace agreements are connected. We will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Middle East's regional climate and security challenges.

These are some of the perspectives we will discuss during the first network meeting.


moderator: Veronica Sällemark, Project Manager for Sustainable Peace and Security, Association for Development Issues

17.30 Introduction
Veronica Sällemark welcomes and gives an overview of the work with the concept Global sustainable peace and security.

18.00 Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
Simon Adams, Executive Director of the Global Institute for the Responsibility to Protect, New York, USA participates via video link.

18.30 Q&A
Opportunity for the network to ask questions t Simon Adams from the organization the Global Institute for the Responsibility to Protect.

18.45 Pause

19.00 The Climate and Peace
Yuval Berson, EcoPeace, Tel Aviv, Israel
Bashar Al Shawa, EcoPeace, Ramallah, Palestinian Territory
Abdel Rahman Sultan, EcoPeace, Amman, Jordan
All representatives participate via video link.

19.30 Q&A
Opportunity for the network to ask questions to the representatives of the regional organization EcoPeace.

19.45 Break

20.00 Group discussions
Global Sustainable Peace and Security

20.30 Thank you and hello

The network meeting is exclusive and is organized only for participants in the network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security. Participants in the network are young opinion leaders and those in power from civil society, the public sector and the private sector. The network strives for an even gender distribution and diversity among panelists throughout the project, in order to reflect society in the best possible way. However, some meetings may have an over-representation of some affiliation, something the network is aware of and strives to create a fair representation in the long run. Please note that the room is half a flight of stairs down without a lift. The network meeting will be held in both Swedish and English in different parts of the meeting, without the possibility of translation. Registration is required and it is first come, first served to get a place. Email confirmation expires.

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