Global sustainable peace and security - a boundless discussion

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The panel during the seminar

Democracy and institutions are increasingly being questioned, and in many parts of the world nationalism, fundamentalism and terrorism are on the rise. We see how wars, conflicts and climate change are creating humanitarian disasters in the world. And how borders are blurred on the one hand in step with globalization and on the other hand cemented in step with the crises that take turns.

Although many agree that we are in a difficult global security situation, a broad security policy debate shone with its absence in the Swedish election movement 2018. To the extent that it was debated, the focus was on the Swedish defense, while other perspectives were left aside.

At the same time as the Swedish debate acknowledges that the context looks different than 30 years ago, both the problem description and the proposed solution tend to fall back on the rhetoric and methods of the time. But today's major global security challenges are not being met effectively by military solutions alone. In this situation, new perspectives and more voices are needed in the debate on Sweden's role in global sustainable peace and security.

During the seminar, we will get to hear the voices of young people in power. For young people, not only in the future will today's decisions be affected - or non-decisions. Young people are already affected today by both old and new decisions. The discussions are based, among other things, on the debate articles that young opinion leaders have published in The development magazine on the subject of global sustainable peace and security. We will discuss the changed security situation in the outside world and what Sweden's role will look like in the future. With new courage and determination, how can we work for a more peaceful world?

Holding times
13: 30-14: 00 Coffee
14: 00-15: 30 Seminar
15: 30-16: 00 Mingle and foyer

Veronica Sällemark, project manager Sustainable peace and security, FUF

International guest
Aleksi Murtojärvi, Vice President of the International Politics Committee, Finnish NYC Alliance (English speaking)

Emelie Weski, vice chairman, LSU - Sweden's youth organizations
Farida al-Abani, Party Leader, Feminist Initiative
Frida Granath, operations coordinator, think tank Frivärld
Enayatullah Adel, Association Administrator, Swedish Afghanistan Committee
Amanda Björksell, Acting Volunteer, Young Church of Sweden and Act Church of Sweden
Åsa Wallton, expert on peace and security, Sida

The event is a collaboration between FUF and LSU. Welcome to a boundless discussion on peace!

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