FUF's tip walk

Hi you curious!

What fun that you found for FUF and our tip walk! Around Stockholm during August and September 2020, we have created a socially distant quiz (or an ordinary tip walk, you could also call it) and we are glad that you have found one, or more, of the questions. At the bottom of the page you will find the results, but remember not to peek at the questions you have not yet found!

When we still have you here, maybe you're curious about getting involved in FUF? Namely, we will have a digital info meeting on it 9 september, where we tell more about FUF and what we offer. While waiting for the meeting, feel free to check out our website. Looking forward to seeing you at the info meeting!

Info meeting Autumn 20


Question 1. Correct answer: X

Question 2. Correct answer: 1

Question 3. Correct answer: 2

Question 4. Correct answer: 1

Question 5. Correct answer: 1

Question 6. Correct answer: 1

Question 7. Correct answer: 2

Question 8. Correct answer: 2

Question 9. Correct answer: 2

Question 10. Correct answer: 1

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