FUF's annual meeting 2024

FUF is a membership organization and the annual meeting is its highest decision-making body. All FUF members have the right to vote on the organization's development and future during the annual meeting. Motions must be received by FUF by March 7 at the latest. Motions are sent by email to fuf@fuf.se. All annual meeting documents will be available in spring website no later than one week before the annual meeting.

We invite you to a hybrid annual meeting, that is, those who want are welcome to participate on site (note that the venue is half a flight of stairs down, without an elevator and that there is no hearing loop), but it is also possible to participate via Teams. If you participate via Teams, you need to have access to a computer or mobile phone with internet, preferably with access to a webcam and microphone. We recommend logging in ten minutes before the start of the meeting to check that everything is working, familiarize yourself with the program and have the chance to contact the technical support office if something is not working. If you attend on site, you are welcome to mingle from 17.00. FUF offers coffee.

To attend the annual meeting registration is required by March 20 at the latest. You register via this link

Program and agenda
  1. Election of chairman of the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Election of secretary for the meeting
  4. Choice of two adjusters
  5. Ask about the meeting's authorized announcement
  6. The Board's annual report for 2023 and the business plan for 2024
  7. The Board's financial report
  8. Auditor's report
  9. The issue of discharge from liability for the board
  10. Exercises
  11. Decision on updating the FUF's statutes
  12. Election of board
  13. Election of two auditors and deputy auditors
  14. Appointment of nomination committee
  15. Determination of membership fee and other fees
  16. Other matters


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