The FUF faces a crucial few months

After 50 successful years and a decade where FUF has developed and grown both in length and breadth, our financial conditions suddenly changed at the beginning of 2023. We went from our strongest financial situation ever to standing on the verge of non-existent funding as a result of the government's drastic changes of aid policy. Contracts already entered into were canceled, others were put on hold, and we were forced to lay off almost the entire workforce in order not to risk bankruptcy. The announcement that came later in the spring meant that we could resume some operations and rehire some staff, and during the year we have struggled to deliver high-quality operations despite withdrawn funds and major uncertainties.

We now face a few crucial months. As a result of further paused calls and delayed announcements from financiers, we still do not know what 2024 will look like. The Internship Program, which has been a bridge between study and working life for hundreds of students for a decade, is in its last semester in its current form. The development magazine, which is read annually by more than 130 people, and Global Peace Hub, with around fifty young peace actors from around thirty different countries, has funding throughout the year. With that, we have the capacity to supervise, train and assist with networks to a part of all the – above all young – zealots who want get involved in FUF a few more months. A slimmed down seminar activities is currently run on a non-profit basis.

At the same time, we see that FUF is needed now - perhaps more than ever. The world has enormous challenges to deal with that require facts, knowledge, competence and commitment - both on the part of the general public and on the part of those who work for global development. That is what our mission is.

In order for FUF to continue to be a thriving meeting place for knowledge, debate and commitment to a fair and sustainable world, you are needed. Do you have someone in your network who you think could contribute in some way? All tips that can lead to continued funding of FUF's activities are of value right now. You as an individual can also contribute by donating a penny or by telling friends and acquaintances to become members of FUF. You, as part of an organization, a company or an authority, can support us by donating any amount or by becoming a FUF supporter. All contributions – big or small – are welcome and can play a decisive role in our future.

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Bank account: 702-4532

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