FUF is looking for a new employee: Acting Seminar and Communication Manager (100%)

The Association for Development Issues, FUF, is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization that raises issues about global development and Sweden's role in the world. We want to contribute to increased knowledge, debate and commitment to a fair and sustainable world. FUF has been around for 50 years and continues to engage people across generational and sectoral boundaries to both take part in and produce important information and debate on the most important issues of our time.

Now our event and communication manager will go on parental leave and we are therefore looking for a new employee who wants to work with us during the period September 2022 to July 2023. You who apply have very good and broad knowledge of global development issues and are a strong communicator and organizer. You are easy to work with different types of people and are used to, and enjoy, working in a structured way. 

About the service
The regular service entails a three-part area of ​​responsibility divided into 45% communication, 35% seminar coordination and 20% organizational support. Thanks to increased funding in 2022, however, we have been able to temporarily restructure our operations, which means that the service during this year involves 45% communication and 55% seminar coordination. The hope is that we will have similar funding next year, but if not, the service will return to its regular distribution from 2023.

Event manager - main tasks:
Seminar activities is one of FUF's business lines. The scope of the seminar activities varies with funding, but we carry out about 50 events annually, e.g. seminars, debates, film screenings and quizzes. Our local groups and the non-profit event group account for a large part of these. As a seminar leader, you lead it non-profit event group. This includes recruiting, coordinating and supervising the members and continuously evaluating and developing their work. You are responsible, together with FUF's editor and local group manager, for training the non-profit groups in communication and global issues. As an event manager, you also work yourself with planning and implementing events in order to increase knowledge of, and commitment to, global development issues among our target groups. It can be anything from small seminars at the basic level, to large ones high-level events that are carried out both individually and in collaboration with other actors. You are also responsible for documenting or streaming the seminar via video. You also work with budget follow-up, evaluation, reporting and applying for continued funding within the project / projects that finance the business.

Communication - main tasks: 
This part of the service entails strategic and operational responsibility for FUF's communication. The work aims to recruit members and participants to FUF's activities; to disseminate produced material to existing and new target groups; and to maintain good contact channels between FUF and our stakeholders. You are responsible for FUF's member communication (including the membership system and infomail), marketing (mainly on social media, but also in external channels), including graphic design, as well as for administration and coordination of the communication tools and programs that everyone in the office uses (eg Zoom, Canva, parts of the WordPress website). The work also includes coordinating and supervising a non-profit SoMe group which continuously updates FUF's social media channels.

Organizational support - main tasks: 
This part of the service involves working continuously with sales of FUF supportership to potential FUF supporters. In addition, it involves administrative and practical support to the office, and to assist office staff in the day-to-day operations on a needs basis. It can e.g. is about everything from inventory, cleaning and purchasing to compiling data and assisting in project and program-related activities. 

You who are applying are…
… Self-motivated and responsible
… Professional with high integrity
… A very good communicator
Rak a straightforward, clear and encouraging leader
… Creative and enterprising
… Accurate and structured
… Used to planning and prioritizing in your tasks

You who are applying have…
 … University / college degree in, or documented work experience of, journalism / communication 
… University / college degree in, or documented work experience of, global development issues / development aid policy / international development cooperation / International Relations
....documented experience of project management, project coordination and project follow-up
… Very good Swedish in speech and writing, and a strong stylistic feeling for words and images
...documented experience of organizing events, e.g. seminars or debates
… Documented experience of publishing and reaching out on social media
… Documented experience of leading other people  

Merit is…
Av experience of working in projects funded by ForumCiv and / or the Folke Bernadotte Academy
… Experience of leading non-profit active
… Experience of developing and leading educations in communication
… Knowledge of WordPress or similar web publishing tools
… Knowledge of video editing, live streaming or moving picture
… Own experiences from low- and middle-income countries
… To have been active in FUF  

Terms of employment
Temporary position of 100% below the period September 2022-July 2023. At full earnings, FUF applies a 37,5-hour working week, 32 vacation days, SEK 5 in fitness per year and 000 fitness hour per week. We are affiliated with the Employers' Alliance's collective agreement for non-profit and idea-driven organizations. Our office is located on Kungsholmen in Stockholm and this is where you have your workplace, even if it is possible to work from home when the business allows. 

This is how you apply
We want your application no later than 6 June. You apply through our recruitment system. Your application must consist of a CV and answers to the questions in the form (ie no separate personal letter in addition to this):  

  1. Describe a project that you have led and lessons that you take with you from it.
  2. Describe an opportunity when you have had a leadership role and led other people, as well as what lessons would you take with you from that experience into this job?
  3. Which areas / themes in the field of global development issues and Swedish international development cooperation do you think are important to highlight (eg in the seminar activities) right now and in the future? 
  4. What are your strengths as a communicator?
  5. How would you work to try to reach out with FUF's content to a wider audience?

We will contact those we want to take on for work tests, interviews and reference taking. This is scheduled to take place in June. Sofficial applicants will be notified when the post is filled.

FUF welcomes all applicants but encourages a few extra people who can in some way contribute with diversity to our team to apply for this position.

Apply HERE.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email anna.sjoberg.tibblin@fuf.se

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