FUF Prize winner 2019 Helena Samsioe

FUF award ceremony with Helena Samsioe

After advancing the meeting, it will finally be time to invite you to meet Helena Samsioe, also known as the drone queen, digitally, when she receives the annual FUF award 2019. Helena will also talk about her journey to create a better world with the help of drones, where we get to follow everything from southern Africa to northern Europe, from malaria outbreaks to sustainable agriculture.

With the help of drone technology, Helena Samsioe has revolutionized and streamlined humanitarian efforts, and provided a new guideline for humanitarian research.

Helena Samsioe is the CEO of the company GLOBHE, which she started herself. The company collects and analyzes image data from drones and provides organizations with information after natural disasters. The drones were previously also used to deliver, for example, medical equipment such as blood, vaccines and medicine to hard-to-reach parts of Africa.

In 2018, Helena Samsioe ended up on Forbes' list of "The World's Top 50 Women in Tech" and the BBC has called her "the Drone Queen".

The award ceremony is broadcast live via Zoom

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