Anna-Karin Gauding, FUF laureate 2018.

FUF award seminar with Anna-Karin Gauding

"Anna-Karin Gauding is awarded the FUF Prize 2018 for her tireless work for democracy, development and respect for human rights in Latin America, and for being a driving force in creating cooperation and exchange of knowledge between people in Sweden and Latin America." - Motivation of the jury

Now we invite you to an award ceremony, seminar and mingling with the 2018 FUF prize winner Anna-Karin Gauding! FUF award is an annual prize awarded by the Association for Development Issues for particularly good efforts in international development and development assistance. Read more about the winner.

In her speech, Anna-Karin will talk about the importance of perseverance and coherence in development work, and about the consequences of taking a short-term perspective with a focus on measurability and quantity.

We offer drinks and snacks. Warm welcome!

NOTE! The room is half a flight of stairs down without a lift. The event is held in Swedish.

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