FUF Gothenburg

Welcome to information and future meeting about FUF Gothenburg!

This autumn term, it is unfortunately the case that Elin and Jennifer in FUF-Gothenburg can no longer shoulder the responsibility for the local group. But do not be sad about it, because there are many who have registered an interest in continuing to run FUF-Gothenburg! Maybe you're one of them?

- So come and discuss FUF Gothenburg's future!

This meeting is for those who are interested in knowing what has been done before, what FUF means and how to run a local group. During the semester, Elin and Jennifer will also support finding venues, organizing events and writing for the magazine. The foundation is simply laid!

The meeting will be held at Första Långgatan 16B in room YH2, Gothenburg at 17: 30-19: 30

For more info: HERE

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