FUF monitors global development issues in Almedalen

This year, FUF finally returns to Visby for to monitor what is said about global development issues during Almedalen Week. Analyzes of the party leaders' speeches, video interviews and live broadcasts are some examples of how we will report from the world's largest democratic meeting place for social issues.

When Almedalen Week is to be organized physically again, after last year's digital version, FUF's non-profit editorial staff will of course be on site to monitor the talk about global development issues among politicians, experts and visitors in Visby on 3 to 7 July. You will be able to follow the surveillance on FUF's platforms in several different formats.

On The development magazine we will publish analyzes of the party leadership speeches and reports in text and audio format.

On the YouTube channel Fool play as well as in the spring website we will publish daily video interviews with politicians, experts and other interesting voices.

In a live broadcast on the Instagram account @Fuf.se we will every evening summarize the most important discussions of the past day, raffluent snacks and main initiatives linked to global development. You will also be able to watch the after-talk afterwards on our YouTube channel Fool play as well as in the spring homepage. On Instagram, we will also highlight what visitors to Almedalen Week have for thoughts and opinions on various current development issues and give our followers insight into the editorial staff's work through daily Stories.

On the Twitter account Utvmagasinet we will report live from seminars on global development issues.

Last but not least, FUF is a co-organizer of two seminars - Get vaccinated against misinformation and Vaccinate against evil. Antje Jackelén, Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, and representatives from the Swedish Journalists' Association and Greenpeace are some of the invited panelists who will be vaccinated against horrors in the world. The music is by Ramy Essam and Farima “Justina” Habashizadehasl for - both musicians and activists. Together, the panelists will discuss issues that are highly topical in the debate on global, sustainable development.

Are you or do you know someone who has an important voice to raise in the debate on global development issues and who will visit Almedalen Week this year? Feel free to stop by and talk to us at Sweden in the world square at Donners plass in Visby or tell us by sending an email to opinion@fuf.se! 

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