Peace Index 2020: How does world peace develop during the corona?

The work of discussing various components that create sustainable peace and security in our world must not stop! Therefore, FUF's network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security wants to invite you to an open evening discussion on what the peaceful development in the world looks like and how Covid-19 affects this development.

Organisations Institute for economics and peace releases the Global Peace Index every year, and this year it's time again on 10/6. We are therefore arranging a highly topical seminar the day after the report is released.

During the seminar, we will discuss what negative and positive peace is and what the development in these areas looks like globally. We will discuss how Covid-19 affects stability, security and peace based on a number of different factors. Has the violence increased or decreased? What does the development of democracy look like? Has corruption increased with covid-19? What do countries' relations with their neighbors look like? Are human rights respected? Are there regional differences in how peace has been preserved, strengthened or affected? What trend breaks can we see towards previous years? And how can we support peaceful and sustainable development in the world? Are some of the issues that will be discussed.

We have invited Lea Perekrests, Deputy Head of Europe and MENA at the Institute for Economics and Peace in Brussels. In talks with FUF's non-profit leaders for the Global Sustainable Peace and Security Network, Veronica Sällemark, she will share this year's report on the peaceful development of the world. At the end of the conversation, you also get a chance to ask questions. Members of the Network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security are given priority in asking questions, but everyone is welcome to participate. You can read more about the network here.

Lea Perekrests is Deputy Head of Europe and MENA at the Institute for Economics and Peace in Brussels. She is responsible for the business and for partnerships. She is passionate about topics related to peace, conflict, security and human rights. Prior to her current role, Lea worked in the field of human rights as a human rights investigator and political secretary in Brussels. She studied international relations at Connecticut College before continuing her education in international conflict and security at the University of Kent (Brussels).

The call takes place via the Zoom platform, a link to the meeting comes with registration. Be sure to click on the link in good time before the meeting. Have you never used Zoom before and need instructions? Email


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