"The future of peace": launch and mingling

Welcome to the launch of The future of peacean anthology with mainly young writers, produced with the support of the Association for Human Security and the Association for Development Issues (FUF). The anthology raises thoughts about how we create sustainable peace and security based on contemporary and future challenges and its solutions. It has been made possible with funding from the Folke Bernadotte Academy.

Now you have the chance to listen and ask questions to the writers during the launch on November 23. Maybe you will be one of those who get a printed copy of the anthology? An exclusive number of copies will be handed out during the event, so come in good time - first come, first served!

Register here no later than Sunday 21 November!

The doors open at 17.30 followed by a short panel discussion at 17.45-18.30. Afterwards, the participants are encouraged to take the chance to mingle with the writers until the venue closes at 19.30.

The Panel includes writers from the anthology, as well as Petra Tötterman Andorff, Secretary General of Kvinna till Kvinna, and Jonas Bane, chairman of the Climate Matrix Day.

The panel call will also be broadcast live and will be available afterwards on our Youtube website FUF Play.


About the anthology

Today, young people's voices are clearly heard in conversations about the climate. But many young people also pay attention to other threats to their future, not least threats to peace and broad threats to human security. Do children and young people have a role to play in peace work and what would societies look like if their voices were heard more? What is health security and how can it be better secured, even for children and adults who are not financially resourceful? How do we hold different actors responsible for human rights violations? The questions are many. The anthology that has now been produced gives a unique voice to young people from a number of different parts of society. The anthology also provides space for the elderly who have spent large parts of their lives on issues that affect the prospects for peace in times of political conflict, climate threats and significant arms trade.

Download the anthology here:The future of peace: An anthology on sustainable peace and security by the Association for Human Security and the Association for Development Issues

About the organizations

The Human Security Association and the Association for Development Issues have worked for many years to broaden the debate on peace and security policy. By highlighting different perspectives from writers of mixed ages and from different sectors, we want the future of Peace to contribute to knowledge, debate and commitment to a peaceful, just and sustainable world.


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