"The future of peace" - a new anthology with voices for sustainable peace and security

How can children be included in the work for sustainable peace? How to hang climate justice and global health together with peace work? These and many other important issues are addressed by various voices for sustainable peace and security in our anthology The future of peace.

FUF's network for global sustainable peace and security has, together with the Human Security Association, been involved in creating The future of peace - a digital anthology that raises questions about how we create sustainable peace and security based on contemporary and future challenges. The anthology touches on themes such as climate, health, freedom of the press and expression, military interventions, weapons issues and the roles of various actors in international peace work. The authors are of mixed ages and from different parts of society who all work to develop the understanding of sustainable peace and security.

- What we should be amazed at is that peace, despite all the warning lights and threats, actually dominates people's everyday lives, writes Gerd Johnsson-Latham, editor-in-chief of Nätmagasinet Mänsklig Säkerhet, in the anthology.

- The lessons learned from the work on the Millennium Development Goals are undoubtedly that the issue of health should form a cornerstone of international politics and an integral part of each country's foreign policy, writes Adonay E. Kidane who is a medical candidate at Lund University.

With this anthology, which is funded by the Folke Bernadotte Academy, the Human Security Association and the Association for Development Issues want to introduce readers to a wide range of perspectives in peace issues and thereby contribute to increased knowledge, debate and commitment to a fair and sustainable world.

Take part in the anthology The Future of Peace in its entirety here.

Read more about the Network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security here.

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