What does good global health mean?

The world's health is improving. In two decades, the proportion of people living with HIV has decreased, the proportion
measles vaccinated children increased and mortality in malaria infected decreased. This
emerged during a panel discussion with representatives of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Médecins Sans Frontières, Global Financing Facility, Gavi and the Global Fund.

The road to better global health is thus moving forward, but is at the same time lined with parallel forces
which shape new challenges. Global gag rule complicates vital work with SRHR and
abortion issues. Climate change increases the risk of malaria infection when infectious mosquitoes spread over new geographical areas. Reduced access to water is not only dangerous to health, but is likely to result in serious conflicts. Forces difficult to change - but not impossible. Good global health must therefore be preventive in order to reduce the risk of the disease spreading.

Despite threats from both the climate and Trump, we can reduce with relatively simple methods
mortality among the most common infectious diseases. Methods such as investing in
mosquito nets, ensure hygienic toilets with associated sinks, better education and that
distribute medicines more efficiently. Good global health therefore requires targeted efforts and

Health is also very complex. International health organizations can sometimes be responsible for an entire country's health needs in terms of vaccination and distribution of certain medicines - a job that the state normally does. When these organizations then end their
efforts (for example because the country has become richer) there is a risk that the country's politicians do not realize the importance of continuing to invest in the health of their population. Good global health is therefore also about knowledge and norms.

Good health and well-being is goal number three in Agenda 2030's 17 goals. In twenty years we have
made fantastic progress. With the right resources, we can go even further. I therefore choose to see
positive for the future - together for better global health.

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