Photo: Plan International Sweden

Lost generation? - The consequences of the Syrian war for children and young people

The conflict in Syria is in its eighth year, and at the beginning of 2018, an estimated 6 million children were on the run within or outside the country's borders. An entire generation has grown up in war. How are they and their future affected? What access do they have to rights such as schooling, food and water? And how much of the humanitarian aid goes to children and young people?

We have invited Agnes Björn, humanitarian director and acting program manager at Plan International Sweden, for an armchair talk about the Syrian conflict with a focus on how children and young people are affected. Under the working name "No Lost Generation", Plan International works together with UN agencies and other organizations to secure a future for all the children and young people living on the run in the region.

Agnes has previously worked at Save the Children and with humanitarian issues within the UN. Plan International is a children's rights organization, with a specific focus on girls' rights, working in over 50 countries.

Coffee is offered. Warm welcome!

The seminar is organized by FUF's seminar group, which consists of young committed members in the Stockholm area. 

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