Lecture: Personal experiences from Palestine

You probably know about Palestine, but have you felt like you want to know more about the country, but were too lazy to ask Uncle Google about it? Do you want to gain insight into what the present looks like in an ancient country? And most importantly: do you like to socialize over coffee, or do you prefer to learn from a distance? If you answered "YES!" to any of the questions, you are most welcome to a lecture on Palestine!

On March 14, from 17.00:19 to 30:2022, one of FUF Gothenburg's members, Josef Martinsson, will give a lecture about Palestine. The lecture will briefly touch on human rights and an introduction to the history of Palestine. Josef spent time in Palestine during the summer of XNUMX when he volunteered in Hebron. During the lecture, he will talk about his experiences from the country.

More information about the lecture

The lecture takes place at Annedalsseminariet, room 506 at Seminariegatan 1A, University of Gothenburg. The lecture will be held in Swedish and FUF Gothenburg offers coffee. It is also possible to participate via Zoom. To participate in the event (both physically and digitally) register through this link. The deadline for registration is Monday, March 13 at 23:59 p.m. Zoom link will be sent out in connection with registration.

Tonight's program

16:45 Mingle and coffee

17:00-17:15 Introduction: Josef, FUF and human rights

17:15-18:00 Part 1: Review of important events in the history of Palestine

18:00-18:10 Break and more mingling

18:10-19:20 Part 2: Josef talks about his experiences in Palestine

19:20-19:30 Finish

Information about the organizer

FUF Gothenburg is a FUF's local groups. The group has been active since September 2022 and today consists of nine members with different backgrounds who all have an interest in learning more about global development issues, and at the same time share their own knowledge.

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