Lecture on internship abroad through the Swedish UN Association

FUF's local group in Uppsala together with the student association Samvetarna invite you to a guest lecture about what it's like to do an internship through the Swedish UN Association!

As a student with an interest in global development, you have many opportunities to do internships in various places in the world through various associations and workplaces. Elin Malmqvist and Pauline af Ekenstam have both obtained bachelor's degrees in peace and development studies at Uppsala University. Both have also been active within FUF, both within FUF Uppsala and as FUF correspondents. When it was time for an internship, both did it through the Swedish UN Federation in Georgia and Armenia, respectively, in the fall of 2022.

On March 2, Elin and Pauline will come to Uppsala to talk about their experiences from their internship abroad and about the UN association's internship program. Among other things, they will talk about their tasks during the internship, what they learned and give tips to future applicants. During the lecture, you will also have the chance to ask Elin and Pauline questions about their experiences as interns. Perhaps it is you who intends to apply for an internship through the United Nations next?

Date and time: Thursday, March 2 at 17-18

The lecture will be held in Swedish. Elin and Pauline will be on site at Ekonomikum in Hörsal 1 at Uppsala University. Please note that you need to register via this link to participate. FUF Uppsala and Samvetarna offer coffee!

Hope we see you there!

About the organizers

FUF Uppsala consists of young people and students in Uppsala who, through our membership in FUF, want to increase our own and others' knowledge of global challenges and injustices. Timore recently, FUF's local group in Uppsala has organized lectures and film screenings about, for example, the protests in Iran, climate change in Latin America, the illegal deforestation of the Amazon and the criminalization of women's bodies through the abolition of the right to abortion.

Föreningen Samhällsvetarna Uppsala is an association for students, by students at Uppsala University. Among other things, the association is active in education and the future of members, through mentoring, lectures, alumni activities as well as networking and contact-making.  

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