More elderly people in the world and Sweden - what does politics look like?

October 1 is International Day of the Elderly, a day when the conditions of the elderly around the world receive special attention.

This year, we highlight the latest UN forecasts for the world's population and the challenges posed by the growing number and proportion of seniors across (almost) the entire world, specifically for Sweden's and other states' commitments in Agenda 2030 and in particular its leitmotif 'Leave no-one behind'. 

Against this background, the work of the government's senior delegation and Sweden's policy for global development (PGU) will also be affected.

Ingmar Skoog, professor and director of the interdisciplinary research institute AgeCap - Center for Aging and Health at the University of Gothenburg and member of the government's senior delegation 
Lennart Wohlgemuth, visiting professor of African Studies with a focus on Swedish and European development aid policy at the University of Gothenburg and board member of FUF

Conversation leader
Day of Honor, PRO Global

Room: Per-Albinrummet, floor 1

Please note that the lecture hall can be changed if necessary. Updated information about the lecture hall is always available on the screens in the ABF building's entrance.

The seminar is held in Swedish and webcast on the YouTube channel FUF play.

Fri entrance. No pre-registration required.


Read about the event at ABF Stockholm's website.

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