What fun that you are interested in our events and seminars at FUF. Every year, we organize around 40 seminars, focusing on global issues, such as human rights, the climate or peace and conflict. This is so that more people will get facts and knowledge about the world and thereby act for a more just and sustainable world. Our events are arranged by both FUF's office and non-profit activists who are passionate members of FUF and are passionate about global issues.

Here is some information:

Physical events

Most of our events and seminars that we have where we meet physically, are usually at FUF's office which is located at Ehrensvärdsgatan 4, 112 35 StockholmTo get here, take the subway to Fridhemsplan or Rådhuset. From there it is about 10 minutes walk. You can also take bus 3 from Slussen and get off at the Polhemsgatan stop. It is important to note that the room is half a flight of stairs down, without a lift. Our room can accommodate about 40 people.

We also record most of our events and seminars that we arrange, it may also be that the audience is filmed, so it is important that you tell us at FUF if you wish not to be filmed. We will then publish these films in the spring YouTube channel FUFPlay so more people can access the information.

To be able to attend our events, you do not need to be a member, but you must register. Information on how to register can be found in each invitation. Of course, we hope you want to become a member, so we can continue to run our business.

Digital events

We have both digital events via Facebook live and via Zoom. To access an event in Zoom, you must pre-register, usually the day before the seminar. In connection with you registering, you will receive a link sent to you via email, as well as a reminder in the morning before the event. These can get in the spam, so check there. If you do not receive a confirmation within 10 minutes when you register, contact FUF's office or the contact person who is in the invitation.

Feel free to log in to the link at least 10 minutes before the start, so you have time to contact the office if you need help, as the technical support is very limited once the call has started.

You do not need to have your camera on, but this is something that is appreciated by our speakers. We also ask you to have the microphone muted during the call, in order to hear the speakers as well as possible. Questions are appreciated and it is asked in the chat.

Our digital events are usually always recorded and later scheduled for spring YouTube channel FUFPlay so more people can access the information.

It is important to cancel your place

As a rule, all our events are free, unless otherwise stated, which is so great with FUF. But that's why we also see many who sign up then do not show up. As we have a limited number of seats, both digitally and at physical events, this means that some who are in line to come, do not get a ticket. We also plan staff and coffee according to the number of participants and therefore encourage everyone who is prevented from canceling their ticket well in advance of the seminar.


Do you have any questions about an event? Or does your organization want to be involved and spread knowledge about a certain area? Contact Fanny Persson Jaunzems at fanny.persson.jaunzems@fuf.se


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