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The EU's global role - a future agenda

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The European Union faces several challenges, one of which is the role that the EU can and should play globally. Based on the forward-looking report of five European think tanks - An Agenda for Europe in the World - a panel will discuss the EU's opportunities to contribute to sustainable and equitable development, peace and security. What should the partnership with Africa look like, how can the EU prevent conflicts and strengthen democracy in the world? What needs to change in the Union's migration, trade and climate policy, and how can aid better help eradicate poverty?

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Vera Mazzara and Geert Laporte from The European Think Tanks Group will present the think tanks' recommendations and talk about the global challenges together with a panel consisting of people in Sweden with many years of experience in global issues and EU foreign policy.
The conversation will be conducted in English.

Vera Mazzara, Coordinator, European Think Tanks Group (ETTG)
Geert Laporte, Deputy Director of ECDPM and Director of the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG)
Therése Sjömander Magnusson, director of the Nordic Africa Institute
Ruth Jacoby, former ambassador to several EU member states and former Foreign Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lars Niklasson, researcher in political science at the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (Sieps) and assistant professor at Linköping University.

Venue: Saturn Conference (Koch-salen), Hornsgatan 15 (Slussen subway)
The seminar is co-organized by CONCORD Sweden and the Association for Development Issues and moderated by Peter Sörbom and Lennart Wohlgemuth from resp. organisation.

The seminar is held in English

Registration no later than 29 January 2020

An Agenda for Europe in the world

The European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) is a network of European independent think tanks working on EU international cooperation for global sustainable Development. It represents five leading European Think Tanks (Overseas Development Institute - ODI, Italian Institute for International Affairs  IAI, European Center for Development Policy Management - ECDPM, German Development Institute - THE and the French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations - IDDRI).
It recently published its agenda for Europe in the world, a Collective work spelling out concrete proposals for action in key areas where the EU can make a difference ranging from peace and security to mobility and migration, climate action, energy and urbanization, trade and development, human development, strategic partnerships, democracy support, and financing for development
The five members of the ETTG recognize the importance of the EU as a global player. They see an urgent need to reinforce the role of the EU in the world in areas such as foreign and security policy, international trade and investment, migration and mobility, climate policy, and development and humanitarian aid, with a particular focus on Africa. They see that there are inevitable links between the internal and external policies of the EU. ETTG works in a very autonomous and independent way. The network closely works together in order to pool expertise, deepen analysis, improve communication, and maximize engagement with policy actors in Member States and EU institutions.
Geert Laporte (ETTG Director) and Vera Mazzara (ETTG Coordinator) will discuss the ETTG Agenda for Europe in the world, the upcoming ETTG activities, the impact of the new EU “Geopolitical Commission” and its ambitions to make European policy-making less fragmented as well as the new challenges for the relationship between Europe and Africa (in light of the renewal of the Cotonou Agreement, the upcoming EU-AU Summit and the new role of Europe in comparison with other global players who are partnering with Africa).
Place: Saturn Conference, Hornsgatan 15 (Slussen subway)

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