Epidemics - a conversation about physical and mental health

How are people affected in different parts of the world, both physically and mentally during an epidemic. During a conversation with Katrin Kisswani, from MSF and Sofie Dahlman, from Psychologists without borders we will try to look at the whole person and look at the impact of the Corona crisis today and what the future may look like.

Katrin Kasswani who has been chairman of Médecins Sans Frontières since March 2015. She is one of the most experienced field workers in the organization with over 20 completed field assignments and has coordinated efforts in many places around the world. Médecins Sans Frontières is an organization founded in 1971, and has since helped people around the world with health care and humanitarian aid. Among other things during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. But even now during the current pandemic we are in. What does MSF work like in a pandemic like this? Which countries will be hardest hit? How does it affect other healthcare? What can be the long-term consequences of this?

Sophie Dahlman comes from Psychologists Without Borders. Sofie is a legal psychologist with a master's degree in global health. She is a co-founder of the association Psychologists without Borders, where she sits on the board and of the company Global Psychologists.
Psychologists without Borders is an association founded in 2012. An association that works to fight mental illness and promote mental health globally, as well as to work towards increased psychological knowledge. An association that works with projects both nationally and internationally. Internationally, they work to make contacts and work with psychologists and organizations on site. How does the pandemic affect the mental health of the world? What will be the consequences and what measures need to be taken?

The call takes place in Swedish via the Zoom platform, a link to the meeting comes with registration. Be sure to click on the link in good time before the meeting. Have you never used Zoom before and need instructions? Email matilda.andren@fuf.se


The conversation is organized by FUF's event group, which consists of young non-profit members in the Stockholm area. Read more to learn more about the event group and how you can get involved.

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