Get involved in FUF in the spring of 2023

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Are you passionate about a fair and sustainable world? Do you want to meet like-minded people, gain valuable experience, make contacts and develop your communication skills? Then you are welcome to get involved in the Association for Development Issues (FUF) in the spring of 2023!

On 25 January 2023, FUF invites you to an information meeting. Then we will tell you about FUF and what opportunities there are to get involved with us. Among other things, we will tell you about our correspondents, the editorial team, the events group, the social media group, the local groups, the Almedal editorial office, the Intern program, the book club and the network for young people in working life.

Preliminary agenda for the evening (subject to change):
17.30 General information about FUF and the framework for non-profit involvement
17.45 Groups for students and young people
18.25 Commitment for professionals and experienced
18.35 Internship program
18.50 Almedal editorial office
19.00 Question Time

Getting involved in FUF not only opens the doors to a large network and gives your CV more weight. You also get to know global issues and also help to raise these issues higher on the agenda. The first step to being able to change the world is to have knowledge about it!

This is an information meeting for those of you who are curious about FUF and want to know more about us. You do not commit to a non-profit commitment by signing up for the information meeting. The meeting will be held in Swedish and the deadline for registration is January 24 at 23.59 for both physical and digital participation. We recommend everyone who can come to the FUF's office and only participate digitally if you are not in Stockholm. Of course we offer coffee!

If you are interested in being voluntarily active in one of FUF's communication groups (the social media group, the event group, the editorial team or as a FUF correspondent) or in a local group during the spring semester 2023, you can already book a kick-off held on Saturday 4 February 2023 (also Sunday 5 February for the local groups). More information about this will come at the information meeting!

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