A strategy for sustainable peace

Peace is not won just because the weapons are silent. Instead, the road to lasting peace is often long and complex. During the summer of 2017, the Swedish government decided on a strategy with the goal of strengthening Sweden's conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts. The strategy for sustainable peace - which will be implemented by Sida and the Folke Bernadotte Academy - is broad and ambitious, but in practice many believe that Sweden can and should do more.

What are the government's main objectives with the sustainable peace strategy? What is done in practice? How can Sweden best contribute to sustainable peace in the world?

Per Enarsson, Head of the Unit for Conflict Issues and Humanitarian Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Petra Smitmanis Dry, head of the unit for peace and human security, Sida
Paul Murray, expert on women, peace and security, Folke Bernadotte Academy
Agnes Hellström, Chairman, Swedish Peace
Gabriella Irsten (moderator), board member, FUF

The seminar is organized by FUF together with Swedish Peace.
A warm welcome to coffee from kl. 17:00!

The seminar is held in Swedish.

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