A global outlook - freedom of expression around the world

The seminar "A global outlook - Freedom of expression around the world" is given in connection with Danderyd Municipality's democracy anniversary in connection with the celebration of democracy 100 years. The seminar provides a global look at the development of freedom of expression and the press in the world and the threats to democracy if they are limited.
On 12 October at 18.00-20.00, FUF Stockholm Södra and Medborgarskolan Stockholm will organize a seminar in two parts where we take a global look and highlight what freedom of speech and freedom of the press looks like around the world. The first part of the seminar is about global development in general. During the second part of the seminar, we invite a journalist who has been active in one of the countries in the world that is most dangerous to be a journalist in. After the talks, there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Seminar part 1. What is the development of freedom of expression around the world?

Since the 2000st century, freedom of expression has been curtailed in many countries around the world. The abolition of the Internet is used as a tool for regimes to monitor and spread propaganda about the civilian population. That more countries are violating the press and freedom of expression, which has caused immediate danger for journalists to act. Since January this year alone, 8 journalists have been murdered and 303 journalists have been imprisoned around the world (Reporters without borders). We want to talk about this during the seminar's first session to answer questions such as: in what ways is press freedom restricted; what are the consequences of press freedom for the consequences of democracy in a country; why is the development going in the wrong direction in many places, etc.

Seminar part 2. What is it like to be a journalist in Afghanistan?

In the second part of the seminar, we take a deep dive into what it is like to be a journalist in one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists. We will have a conversation with journalist Saifur Rahman Sherzad who previously worked in Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a journalist in today. Through a conversation with a journalist, we shed light on what it is like to work in countries where freedom of the press and freedom of expression are not protected and what restrictions have an effect on their daily work.

Registration is required! Maximum number of 100 people, so sign up now! (Updated according to FHM restrictions)

When: October 12 at 18.00-20.00
Location: Banérsalen, Djursholms slott

The seminar can be watched afterwards Citizens' School's YouTube channel. 

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