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Do you want to learn how to adapt your resume for different types of jobs? Do you want to increase your chances of landing your dream job by having a professionally designed CV? Take the chance to improve your CV and give yourself a head start on the job market!

FUF and Akademikerförbundet SSR invite FUF members to an inspiring and informative CV workshop with Johanna Finndin and Ludvig Angsell Hjelm, student ombudsmen at Akademikerförbundet SSR. During this workshop, Johanna and Ludvig will share their best tips and advice for creating a stylish and convincing CV that catches the attention of employers.

Workshop content:

  • Essential components of a CV: What to include and what to avoid?
  • Structure and layout: How to organize your resume in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Language and Tone: How to best present your skills and experience.
  • Common mistakes: Pitfalls to avoid when writing your resume.

Note that this is exclusive to FUF members. As a member of FUF, you get many opportunities for commitment to a fairer and more sustainable world while you are involved in the work to promote a fact-based debate about global sustainable development. Read more and become a member here! 


About the Association of Academicians SSR:
Academic Union SSR is Sweden's leading trade union for social scientists! With over 78 members, we work to strengthen your rights, improve your working conditions and give you the security you need in your career. We organize social scientists, sociologists, personnel scientists, behavioral scientists, public health scientists and economists. Together, we create a safer and fairer labor market for graduates. Do like thousands of other social scientists – become a member of the SSR Academic Association today!

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