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How has the day during Almedalen been? Have the global goals taken place? Who has been allowed to speak and what voices do we lack? What did the party leadership say from a global perspective, where a fair and sustainable future for all is in focus.

Every day during the digital Almedalen week (4-7 July) at 18: 00-18: 45 we will have calls in the Clubhouse app (works only for mobile phones).

Join us for an after-talk to discuss how the day during Almedalen has been! The discussion will be held in the Clubhouse, where FUF's non-profit activists will go through the day to turn and turn on issues related to global sustainable development.

You can find it via Almedalen Play

Do you miss an invitation to Clubhouse? If you are a member of FUF, email Matilda Andrén at we will help you (limited number of invitations available, first come, first served).

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