Children during the pandemic

How are children affected in countries that already struggle with conflicts, food security or poverty, by the pandemic when schools are closing? 

The corona pandemic has affected the entire world population, not least the children. In this seminar, we will discuss the situation of children in areas of conflicts and how they are being affected by both the pandemic and its repercussions. When parents are losing their jobs and children have to stay home from school, what happens to their future?

In a pandemic which threatens a whole generation of children's access to education, how does remote learning affect their lives and future possibilities? What are the prospects for children in war-torn countries? With only ten years left to fulfill the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, how does the pandemic influence the possibilities to reach Goal 2, Zero Hunger?

FUF therefore invites you to a webinar where we will discuss these issues, focusing on what international organizations are currently working on.

About the speakers:

We have invited Anne Poulsen, Director at the Nordic Office of the UN World Food Program, The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Anne iSat form journalist with vast field experience. Peter Brown, Managing Director of War Child, who has a vast experience working with various peace and aid organizations, both internationally and in Sweden and Malin FlemströmCEO of The Hunger Project, who is the new Country Director for THP-Sweden after having served as the organization's Director of Programs and fundraiser on a global scale.

The webinar is moderated by FUF's event-group in Stockholm.

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