Unique knowledge of what is happening in Vietnam - the country that was the Ukraine of the 60s

Jan Bjerninger, freelance writer and former head of Sida's Asia department, reviews the two books "Vietnam – a subjective view" and "Vietnam. Navigating a Rapidly Changing Economy, Society, and Political Order". He believes that they provide a unique knowledge of Vietnam's development and how the country looks today. Photo: manhhai. Source: Flickr.

Of: Jan Bjerninger

Poverty has been radically reduced in Vietnam, but the lack of open discussion and political pluralism is hampering development in what was once one of the biggest recipients of Swedish aid. Two new books provide a unique knowledge of Vietnam, its present and possible future. It writes Jan Bjerninger, freelance writer and former head of Sida's Asia department. 

December 22, 2023, Review

Is the climate crisis racist?

Karl-Anders Larsson, freelance writer and member of FUF's book club, reviews the book Climate Change is Racist, written by Jeremy Williams.

Of: Karl-Anders Larsson

The book Climate Change is Racist claims that the causes and effects of the climate crisis are mainly linked to racism. But is it not more about inequality? It writes Karl-Anders Larsson, independent writer and member of FUF's book club.

May 23, 2022, Review

China is everywhere

Karl-Anders Larsson, now retired and independent writer who is active in FUF's book club, presents the book "The Hidden Hand" - about China's economic strategies.

Of: Karl-Anders Larsson

All people today are affected by China's development. To understand the big issues today and in the future, it is necessary to study the Chinese system. This applies to economic and political issues and perhaps most of all climate and environment. China is always the biggest.

January 5, 2022, Review