The bracelet that can give an identity to millions of 'phantom children'

Photo: Unknown

Of: Lynn Jansson

In the eyes of the state, they do not exist - the 230 million children who today have no legal existence worldwide. This is despite the fact that the right to citizenship and personal identity is included in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and is pursued through sub-goals in Agenda 2030. The startup company iCivil has developed a technical solution that can help remedy the problem.

May 21, 2018, Report

Consult the users! How toilets impact the fight for gender equality

Access to clean, protected and gender-separated toilets would encourage girls to go to school, also when they are menstruating. Fatehpur Sikri, India. Photo: Flickr, Ignas Kukenys

Of: Elin Fredriksson

When the train from Delhi sets off to the north of India, it passes by long fields on the outskirts of the capital. In the early morning, the passengers of the train can observe how dozens of men and women walk around in the field and eventually bend down to defecate. It is the daily […]

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April 1, 2018, English, FUF Lund, Shops, Report

Europe's only indigenous people live in Sweden

Norway signed the ILO Convention 169 as early as 1990. The picture shows the Sami Parliament's plenary hall in Karasjok in Norway. Photo: Sámediggi Sami Parliament / Denis Caviglia.

Of: Kristin Blomdin and Andréa Hamdan

Sweden has not signed the Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The knowledge about the Sami exists, but it does not reach society. It turns out that the responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge has fallen on the Sami themselves, but the question is whether that is enough. It has been almost a month since the Sami National Day and we are discussing what we really know about […]

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March 27, 2018, Report

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