How commercial export business in the 1970s in Africa was transformed into "budget support" for Sweden in 2011

Of: Bertil Odén

This summer, there has been a debate about the fact that write-offs of overdue but unpaid loans to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo will reduce the development assistance budget by the corresponding amount, in this case just over SEK XNUMX billion. How did this reduction in the development aid budget actually go? Bertil Odén leaves here his picture of the step-by-step transformation.

August 24, 2011, Debate

Think further or continue to let the transfer axiom rule?

Of: Johan Åkerblom

Sida has been commissioned by the government to propose a concentration of Swedish bilateral development assistance. But when Sida is to "concentrate" again, it should start by asking the questions: Why should we have bilateral aid at all? Why do we not send the money through the EU or the World Bank, when the majority of the money is still to be put in a common donor pot? What exactly is the raison d'être of bilateral aid?

April 26, 2011, Debate

Land focus: The major development aid reform?

Of: Göran Holmqvist and Mats Hårsmar

One of the more talked about reforms of Swedish development assistance during the past term of office was the decision to focus on a smaller number of partner countries. It was a reform that was welcomed not least by the development assistance administration. Increased focus enables increased efficiency and thus probably better results from development assistance. Three years later, it can be stated that the geographical fragmentation of Swedish development assistance is largely unchanged.

November 24, 2010, Debate