The Amazon must not be destroyed in the shadow of the pandemic

Out with Bolsonaro, it says on the Cretan Kaingang's mouth guard. Crete Kaingang is the coordinator of Brazil's Indigenous Peoples' Association APIB. Photo: Matheus Alves

Of: Alex Brekke

The corona pandemic has diminished attention around the Amazon. Then the Brazilian government takes the opportunity to change laws to reduce the protection of the rainforest. Now it is extra important that we demand that the forest and the rights of indigenous peoples are protected, writes Alex Brekke on Amazon Watch Sweden.

June 17, 2020, Debate

Binding rules for businesses could have helped the people of Uganda

Why does the government not want to ensure that entrepreneurship goes right to and respects human rights? wonders Mona Monasar. Photo: Tomas Melin

Of: Mona Monasar

Swedish climate compensation led to violence and food shortages among the local population in Uganda. It is a scandal that it can happen without anyone being held accountable. Now the Swedish government must demand that companies respect human rights - even abroad, writes Mona Monasar at the organization FIAN.

June 15, 2020, Debate

Let's take control of the food

Large-scale and small-scale agriculture

Today's large - scale food production is bad for both people and the environment, writes Lisa Tover.

Of: Lisa Tover

The global food industry creates everything from hunger and devastation of rainforest to obesity and large emissions of greenhouse gases. Profit interests rule and a few giant companies completely dominate. Now we have to take back control of the food and shorten the path from farm to fork, writes Lisa Tover from the association Framtidsjorden.

June 4, 2020, Debate

Sweden's international solidarity is being tested again

Four debaters from the Feminist Initiative think that Sweden's policy for international cooperation is a measure of where the dividing lines go between the parties. Photo: Pexels and Håkan Dahlström

Of: Jaime Gomez, Mats Ekenger, Olle Vennergrund and Saga Tullgren

Sweden's policy for international cooperation is in turmoil. On the one hand, the goal of a percentage of the country's GNI going to development aid is being questioned, and on the other hand, the development assistance budget is being eroded through redistributions - right now to efforts against the corona pandemic. Feminist initiatives are strongly critical of this.

June 2, 2020, Debate

Trade union development cooperation is more important than ever

People in India who have lost their jobs are moving home

Lots of people in India's big cities have lost their jobs during the corona crisis. Many have been forced to walk home to their villages. Photo: Rajesh Balouria / Pixabay

Of: Sofia Östmark

Millions of workers and their families are at risk of poverty due to the corona pandemic. Now the world must increase its focus on social security systems and cooperation between unions and employers. To achieve the global goals, independent and democratic unions are crucial, writes Sofia Östmark at Union to Union.

May 28, 2020, Debate

Higher education is crucial to achieving global goals

Scholarships for higher education create positive spillover effects in the form of increased prosperity and reduced poverty, the debater writes.

Of: Malin Cronqvist

Covid-19 has paralyzed the world and healthcare professionals in all countries are tearing the trail of infection. At the same time, the WHO reports that there is a shortage of 5,9 million nurses, mainly in low- and middle-income countries. The difference in access to higher education is becoming clearer than ever, writes Malin Cronqvist at the Help to Help foundation.

May 26, 2020, Debate

Use the power of action from the corona pandemic to the climate threat

The young people in WWF Sweden Youth

The debaters in WWF Sweden Youth think that we should act forcefully for nature and the climate. Photo: Bernhardina Hörnstein

Of: Amin Ben, Anne Marge Andersson, Elin Linderborg, Ismail Abdullahi, Jennifer J. Daun, Lova Eveborn, Luca Berardi, Mattias Finndin, Mohamed Guled, Perav Remazan, Rojda Temur and Sara Tingström

Covid-19 has put us in a global crisis where everyone has had to act quickly and forcefully. The changes show what we can achieve when individuals, companies and authorities work together in difficult times. The same action must be used to save our planet, write 13 activists in WWF Sweden Youth.

May 20, 2020, Debate

Clean water is a key goal in Agenda 2030

Women wash clothes in a river.

The earth's water resources must be managed both long-term sustainably and fairly, writes Viktor Sundman. Photo: Andrés Gómez / Pixabay

Of: Viktor Sundman

Water is essential for stopping hunger, maintaining good health and producing electricity and goods. But in 30 years, five billion people are expected to live in water shortages at least one month a year. How we handle water will be decisive for whether we will achieve the global goals in Agenda 2030, writes Viktor Sundman at the water institute SIWI.

April 29, 2020, Debate

Do not let the corona knock out democracy!

In several countries, the police and military brutally beat down people who violate the curfew. Photo: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

Of: Anna Stenvinkel

Increased police violence, censorship and attacks on the opposition. These are some of the effects of more and more authoritarian regimes around the world using the corona crisis to gain more power. The aid organization Forum Syd is now calling on the government to use the democracy initiative to protect democracy and human rights from the coronavirus.

April 27, 2020, Debate