The transition to a circular economy places demands on sustainable consumption

A circular economy means that the linear economic system we have today is replaced by a closed cycle to save the earth's resources. Photo:

Of: Louise Marklund

A transition to a circular economy is necessary to achieve the global sustainability goals according to the government. The corona pandemic has contributed to an increased need for sustainable consumption and now, for the first time, Sweden is developing a strategy for a circular economy to improve the environment.

November 10, 2020, News

Women's rights are threatened again in Poland 

Women's rights are threatened in Poland. Photo: Arewicz / Category: Łódź / 2016 April 1-10

Of: Julia Thalin

Last week, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled that abortion of fetuses with serious birth defects is contrary to the Polish constitution. The decision opens up for further tightening of the law, which in practice means a total ban on abortion. Thousands of Poles and international actors condemn the decision.  

October 26, 2020, News

Complex humanitarian crisis in the world's youngest nation


Of: Linnea Boström

Two years ago, a peace agreement was signed between warring parties in South Sudan, but internal conflicts have continued since then. Two thirds of the population are in need of humanitarian aid. The country is now suffering from devastating floods that are exacerbating the situation in the country.

October 22, 2020, News

Turkey is considering leaving the Council of Europe Convention on Violence against Women

Photo: Photographer: Özge Sebzeci,

Of: Julia Thalin

Reports of increased violence against women in Turkey and the murder of 27-year-old Pinar Gültekins this summer have created major protests. Nevertheless, President Erdoğan and the conservative AKP are considering abandoning the Council of Europe Convention on Violence against Women.

October 13, 2020, News