Uighur's rights are threatened in China 

Uighurs are protesting outside the White House in Washington DC. Photo: Wikimedia

Of: Elin Wernolf

Torture, forced sterilization and indoctrination. The Chinese government continues its abuses against the Muslim minority Uighurs in the Xinjiang region. For over four years, it is estimated that one to two million people have been placed in "voluntary" retraining camps. According to China, it is for the people's own good while the outside world is talking about genocide. 

January 20, 2021, Chronicle

Refugees are ignored when countries close their borders

Despite the pandemic, the EU must take responsibility for refugees who come to Europe and treat them with respect, writes Frida Lamberth Wallensteen. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov, Unframe

Of: Frida Lamberth Wallensteen

The pandemic has contributed to the strengthening of world borders as countries fight covid-19. As a result, the flow of refugees dreaming of a safer life is increasing. By 2020, more migrants than ever have made their way to the Spanish island world. The United Nations Organization for Migration, IOM, has compiled statistics showing that close to 80 […]

January 8, 2021, Chronicle

The one solution connecting multiple SDGs in Nepal

Illustrating a school girl in Nepal. Photo: Wellington College (A trip to Nepal) / Flickr.

Of: Irina Martin

Along with my classmates from Lund University, together we wrote a project proposal which, fictionally, has been approved by the European Commission as part of the course assignment. After hours of discussion and reflections, the decision was to deal with the lack of menstrual health education and accessible menstrual products in the district of Chitwan […]

December 25, 2020, Chronicle, English, Chronicle, Magazine

The climate crisis does not take a break during the pandemic

In the shadow of the corona pandemic, the polar bears continue to melt. Photo: Melissa Bradley, Unsplash

Of: Mickey Thor

We are in a crisis, a pandemic and an everyday life with many changes in life. Covid-19 requires measures to keep societies afloat, but unfortunately the need for crisis management does not stop there. One crisis does not take a break, even though we are busy with another.

December 21, 2020, Chronicle

Why economic growth will not save the climate

Economic growth contributes to climate change through large scale resource extraction. Photo: Andrew Taylor / Flickr

Of: Alice Castensson and Julian Dannefjord

The United Nations envisions both increased economic growth and effective climate action by the end of this decade. The combination of these is not consistent in the current state of the world. To effectively combat the threat of climate change, we need a shift in the status quo and a different economic structure.

December 20, 2020, Chronicle, English, Chronicle, Magazine

Positive messages are better for saving the climate 

Photo: Canva.com.

Of: Anna Wildeke

World researchers agree that the climate threat is not an insoluble problem. The solution is to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. This is where the problem comes in - politicians totally disagree on how because it requires sacrifices from all of us who today overconsume. Calling for reduced consumption is a challenging message for a politician to convey. 

November 24, 2020, Chronicle

Trust and confidence are crucial to strengthening democracy

The power of civil society needs to be harnessed to reverse the anti-democratic trend. Photo from Women's March in Washington DC, October 2020. Photo: Mobilus In Mobili (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

Of: Ida Kronberg

Democracy is on the decline in the world, and the global health crisis created by the corona pandemic poses further challenges. This was discussed during the seminar "Democracy, human rights and the pandemic - impact and opportunities", organized by International IDEA.

November 6, 2020, Chronicle