Great challenge with gender equality in German-speaking Europe

Women's negative special position on the labor market is often connected to the fact that they have children and are on parental leave. This is, for example, the case in Austria and the cultural neighbors Germany and Switzerland. "There is an unspoken expectation for women to do the unpaid work in the home," says Austrian social anthropologist and preschool teacher Hannah Büchel to Utvecklingsmagasinet. Photo: Agnes Fältman.

Of: Agnes Fältman

In a part of Europe where a woman's role has long meant being a housewife, a new old structure has emerged: female part-time work in combination with unpaid work in the home. As a result, the German-speaking countries have among the largest wage differences between women and men in all of Europe. But today's young people increasingly question status quo and want to see a change. 

June 24, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report

The EU's war against the tech giants could be fatal

The European Commission, headed by President Ursula von der Leyen, has targeted tech giants such as Google and Apple. And the EU's constant war against the tech giants creates a bad reputation among technology companies, writes Jakob Kerren, FUF correspondent based in Brussels. Photo: EU Parliament. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Jakob Kerren

Brussels has repeatedly collided with de global the tech giants. Ofta justified. But the EU should try to shake things up av sig the anti-technology image if you want to have a chance at it the race om the future 

June 7, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Chronicle

The assassination attempt on Robert Fico shakes up an already polarized Slovakia ahead of the EU elections

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico survived an assassination attempt on May 15 and is struggling to recover. Since he took office in October 2023, political tensions in Slovakia have increased, as his government implemented a series of controversial reforms that, according to the European Commission, threaten the rule of law in the country. Photo: European Council. Source: Flickr.

Of: Agnes Fältman

The assassination attempt against the pro-Russian Prime Minister Robert Fico has already left a deep mark and has become political dynamite in polarized Slovakia. With the upcoming EU elections, it is eagerly awaited what the recovering leader's next step will be - continued radicalization, or increased humility and tolerance towards dissenters?

May 27, 2024, Analysis, FUF-correspondents

The EU is torn between its farmers and support for Ukraine

Margarethe (left) and Alice (right) are both beef farmers from the Netherlands. They have gathered in Brussels with other farmers to demonstrate against the EU's free trade agreement with Ukraine. Image: Jakob Kerren.

Of: Jakob Kerren

Intensive peasant protests has put EU politicians under pressure. The farmers are angry about the Union's free trade agreement with third countries. The problem is only that one of the the countries are Ukraine - who need every penny in the war against Russia.  

May 13, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report

Thousands protest that right-wing populist party may win the election in Austria

"Firewall against right-wing extremism". Since January, thousands of protesters regularly gather and march through central Vienna. Photo: Agnes Fältman.

Of: Agnes Fältman

On the streets of Austria, there are demonstrations against right-wing extremism and scandals EU-critical party Freiheitliche party Austria (FPÖ). With 30 percent of voter support is FPÖ according to opinion polls the largest party ahead of the country's upcoming parliamentary elections. About FPÖ comes to power, it could mean major changes for Austria, the EU and European aid to Ukraine - which the party wants to stop. 

April 8, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report

Professor on sending asylum seekers to Rwanda: "Act of desperation"

Britain, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, wants to send migrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda while their cases are processed. The bill is a way for Rishi Sunak to gain access to right-wing voters and thus win the election, according to SOAS professor Phil Clark. Photo: Sandor Csudai. Source: Melaine Phillips.

Of: Tova Tabacsko

Despite setbacks in the Supreme Court and criticism from civil society, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continues to push the bill to forcibly transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda. - This is the most extreme measure to outsource the migration system. It is the global North that cleans itself at the expense of refugees, says Phil Clark, professor of international politics at SOAS University of London.

March 25, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report

Female street vendors fight for their place in Harare

Almost 90 percent of street vendors in Zimbabwe are completely dependent on street vending as their source of income. Many of them are women who risk violence and harassment when they work. Beauty (left) always buys ginger from a female street vendor (right) who does not want to give her name. Photo: Matilda Katsler.

Of: Matilda Katsler

In central Harare, street vending is an important part of the economy, especially for women who account for a large part of the informal workforce in the country. The women have to fight hard to take a place in the public space - en place that often has a high price in the form of violence and sexual harassment.  

March 4, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report

Young and highly educated people are leaving Hungary – as a result of Orbán's policies

Since 2022, Hungary can no longer be considered a full-fledged democracy. The political and economic development in the country has meant that many young and highly educated people choose to leave. Photo: Agnes Fältman.

Of: Agnes Fältman

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Fidesz, the nationalist ruling party, has over the past decade systematically dismantled the country's democratic institutions. In an increasingly harsh economic and political climate many young and highly educated Hungarians choose to move abroad. What can attract them back? Can liberal winds blowing across former nationalist ally Poland bring hope for change? 

February 26, 2024, FUF-correspondents, Report

After the Russian cyber attacks: Moldova's future cyber protectors are being trained here

Dimitru Ciorba works at Moldova's Technical University, which trains students in digital security – something the country is increasingly in need of after several Russian cyberattacks. Photo: Daniel Díaz.

Of: Daniel Diaz

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Moldova has been subjected to several cyber attacks. To build the country's defenses against cyber attacks, students are being trained in information security at the Technical University of Moldova – an education that is needed more than ever. 

December 22, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

Austria's dependence on Russia divides public opinion

Austria still has strong economic ties to Russia - about which Austrians and Ukrainians in the country have divided opinions. Pictured: Valeriia Ventskovska at the Universität Wien campus/Parliament of Austria in Vienna. Photo: Agnes Fältman.

Of: Agnes Fältman

Få länder within the EU still has så strong financial relationships to Russia as Österrich. The country's imports of Russian gas and många företag's continued operations in Russia after the war of aggression against Ukraine divides opinion among ömore sterile as well that newänth Ukrainians. Some believe that gas imports partially finance the war in Ukraine, others believes that the humanitära hjälpen ÖAustria gives to the waräruled the land bör stå in focus.  

December 18, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report