Africa and the EU are negotiating a new Cotonou agreement

It is time for a new agreement between Africa and the EU. Photo: European Parliament, Flickr

Of: Ismail Bazine and Miguel Largo Vergara 

The Cotonou Agreement, which is under negotiation, regulates the relationship between the EU and the group of states in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. North Africa is not included and the Cotonou Agreement thus overlooks the region's importance for Europe and the rest of Africa in matters of migration and security.

November 13, 2020, Analysis

Can digital development alleviate the consequences of pandemics for marginalized groups? 

Digital development is predicted to alleviate the consequences of pandemics for vulnerable groups. It requires states to work to ensure that access to connectivity is equal and inclusive. Photo: Pixabay / Myriams_Fotos.

Of: Björn Luthander

Digital development is increasingly highlighted as an effective way to deal with the pandemic. Especially in international development cooperation. But a non-inclusive transition risks increasing the digital exclusion of marginalized groups. 

November 5, 2020, Analysis

Female farmers suffer from food shortages due to covid-19

Photo: ActionAid Sweden.

Of: Jennifer Vidmo

Covid-19 has left female farmers around the world in debt and hungry, while at greater risk of being subjected to violence, abuse and harassment. Many of them can not even afford seeds for the coming season. Without more local initiatives where the rights, needs and capacities of women farmers are made visible, a dangerous spiral of growing hunger and poverty risks taking off, ActionAid Sweden writes on World Hunger Day.

October 16, 2020, Analysis

Buddhists in Myanmar continue to deny crimes against humanity

Today, most Rohingya are stateless and lack citizenship in their home country. Photo:

Of: Niklas Foxeus

For the first time, deserted soldiers in Myanmar testify about mass killings and rapes in 2017 against Rohingya carried out on the orders of their officers. More than 10 Rohingya are said to have been killed and more than 000 people have fled to Bangladesh due to the violence of the Burmese arm.

October 6, 2020, Analysis

How can Swedish authorities make a greater difference to development assistance?

In the Western Balkans today, there is a clear objective to meet the requirements of a functioning public administration with a view to EU membership. Photo: Pixabay.

Of: Númi Östlund

Swedish authorities have for many years been one of the major implementers of bilateral aid in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but also in Africa and Asia. But the authorities often act in the shadows and there is a lack of studies and evaluations around their work, writes Númi Östlund, investigative secretary at the Expert Group for Development Aid Analysis.

October 1, 2020, Analysis