Cool off in a hot world

Date and time: 28 May, 17:00 - 18:30

What solutions has Sweden's first national Citizens' Council on the climate come up with for how Sweden can reduce climate emissions? What does business want to do for climate change? How can committed young people inspire other young people to get involved in the climate issue, even though many people's interest in climate and the environment seems to have cooled? And what possibilities does the European Parliament really have to save the world from climate collapse? We will discuss these burning questions at the seminar Cool down in a warm world on May 28 at 17.00-18.30 at The Park Södermalm. 

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14th of May 2024

Rising temperature – reduced climate ambition

Date and time: 15 May, 08:30 - 10:00

To report » Rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have upset the balance in the earth's climate system, which has led to a rapidly rising global average temperature. The year 2023 was the warmest year on record on Earth, and climate change is leading to increasingly significant environmental, social and economic consequences around the world. These consequences can […]

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7th of May 2024

The Roads to the Development Jobs

Date and time: 8 May, 11:30 - 13:00

To registration » Welcome to this online event to get inspired on how you can find your dream job within the development sector! In the first part of the event, you will meet three young professionals who in different ways work with international development. They will share their experiences and talk about how one can [...]

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4th April 2024

Peace, laughter and understanding

Date and time: 23 Apr, 12:30 - 14:00

Welcome to the Peace, laugh and understanding lunch seminar on April 23 at 12.30-14.00 pm at the Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm! There will be stand up, lunch for all FUF members and peace pipes for the first 50 visitors! We also promise laughter, interaction between the audience and the panel and not least – a lot of new insights on the theme of peace and security.  

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April 3, 2024, Events, Calendar

Evaluating aid in change

Date and time: 11 Apr, 08:30 - 10:00

On April 11, EBA's head of office Jan Pettersson visits FUF for a breakfast conversation led by FUF's board member Lennart Wohlgemuth to talk about how he sees EBA's role in a changed world situation and with new political priorities.

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March 27, 2024, Events, Calendar

Understanding a world in crisis

Date and time: 19 Mar, 10:30 - 12:00

SIPRI is an international research institute with a focus on broadening the understanding of global security issues and promoting solutions for peace and development around the globe. It is headed by Dan Smith, who during this talk will share his insights and the work of SIPRI in relation to the new Swedish aid and foreign policy. He will also discuss issues such as: How should we understand the world of today? What should conflict prevention and resolution entail? What are the EU's most pressing security policy challenges, and what can be expected after the elections for the European Parliament in June?

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March 5, 2024, English, Events, Calendar

FUF's annual meeting 2024

Date and time: 21 Mar, 17:30 - 19:00

FUF is a membership organization and the annual meeting is its highest decision-making body. All FUF members have the right to vote on the organization's development and future during the annual meeting. Motions must be received by FUF by March 7 at the latest. Motions are sent by email to All annual meeting documents will be available on our website no later than one week before the annual meeting. We offer [...]

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February 20

World in crisis – authority in change: Conversation with Per Olsson Fridh

Date and time: 9 Feb, 08:30 - 10:00

To report » "2023 has passed as one of the most violent and conflict-ridden years in a very long time. Not only the terrible developments in Israel and Palestine and the continuing Russian war of invasion in Ukraine, but there have also been devastating developments in Sudan, in the Sahel region, Eastern DRC. Armed conflict has continued in the Horn of Africa, in [...]

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January 25

The new aid policy: Conversation with State Secretary Diana Janse

Date and time: 6 Feb, 16:15 - 17:30

To report » In December, the government presented the reform agenda, which sets out the new direction for Swedish aid. In light of this, FUF invites you to a conversation with Diana Janse, the state secretary to the Minister for Aid and Foreign Trade, Johan Forssell (M), on February 6 at 16.15 to 17.30. Anna Blücher, president of FUF, will moderate the discussion where […]

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January 24

Panel discussion on violent extremism and terrorism

Date and time: 9 Jan, 17:30 - 19:00

To report » Concern about terrorist threats and extremism has increased among the Swedish population as a result of the increased terrorist threat level in 2023, according to a Novus survey. But what is actually meant by extremism and what are the different aspects of the concept? And what can be done to counter violent extremism? The local group FUF Stockholm Södra invites […]

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December 21, 2023, Events, Calendar, Local group, Educational activity