Everything about global development from Almedalen Week

Almedalsredaktionen 2022 arrived in Visby on 2 July.

Of: The Chancellery

This year, FUF's non-profit editorial staff was finally in place in Visby again to cover global development issues during Almedalen Week. Among other things, we analyzed the party leadership figures, did video interviews and asked Almedalen visitors about how they view Swedish development assistance and how important they really think foreign policy is when they stand in the polls. After a two-year pandemic break […]

July 14

FUF monitors global development issues in Almedalen

Of: The Chancellery

This year, FUF is finally returning to Visby to monitor what is being said about global development issues during Almedalen Week. Analyzes of the party leaders' speeches, video interviews and live broadcasts are some examples of how we will report from the world's largest democratic meeting place for social issues. When Almedalen Week is again to be organized physically, after last year's digital version, FUF's […] will of course

June 30th, 2022

# rescue aid

# rescue aid

Of: The Chancellery

Sweden's support for vulnerable people in the world is threatened by major cuts. At the same time, we are in a crisis of a rarely seen kind with increasing hunger and poverty, less democracy and equality and an acute climate crisis. Therefore, we at FUF do not accept that Sweden turns its back on the world when aid is needed more than ever. In the run-up to the election, together with you, we want a promise from our politicians to provide at least 1% of gross national income (GNI) in aid to people living in poverty and oppression.

June 8th, 2022

"The future of peace" - a new anthology with voices for sustainable peace and security

The anthology "The future of peace" contains 14 texts on how we create sustainable peace and security. It is free and can be downloaded further down the page.

Of: The Chancellery

How can children be included in the work for sustainable peace? How are climate justice and global health related to peace work? These and many other important issues are addressed by different voices for sustainable peace and security in our anthology The Future of Peace. FUF's network for global sustainable peace and security has together with the Human Security Association been involved […]

September 29

The XNUMX% target is an obstacle to effective development assistance

Of: Helena Anthony

The XNUMX% target leads to more efficient ways of conducting assistance, such as issuing guarantees, being prioritized because they generate few payments and therefore do not contribute to meeting the target. Sida should instead upgrade the guarantee instrument for effective assistance.
- It is becoming increasingly clear that the one percent goal is a black on the foot for effective development assistance activities, says Helena Antoni, responsible for development aid and development issues within the Moderates.

June 23, 2021, Debate