Last day to submit an internship advertisement for organizations

In order to have the opportunity to participate in FUF's Internship Program during the spring semester 2022, your organization needs to send in your internship advertisement before 10 September. When the deadline has passed, we will return with information if you got one of the places. Please read all information about participating in the program before submitting your ad. Do you not have […]

May 26, 2021, Calendar, The internship program, Professional network and internship

The application for the internship program opens

Are you going to study an entire semester's internship during the autumn semester 2021? Then you can apply for 45 internships through FUF's internship program through one application! The application for the autumn semester opens on February 5, 2021. Before you submit your application: Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements, read our application tips and carefully follow the instructions on the application page. Read more […]

December 14, 2020, Calendar, The internship program, Professional network and internship

Last day for organizations to submit their internship ad

Is your organization interested in receiving an intern through FUF's Internship Program? Receiving an intern is a fantastic opportunity to take part in a young person's perspective, fresh theoretical knowledge and get “new eyes” on your organization while giving the student an opportunity to gain practical experience. In parallel with the semester-long […]

December 14, 2020, Calendar, The internship program, Professional network and internship

Deadline for application to the Internship Program!

Sista dagen för att söka till FUF:s Praktikantprogram inför höstterminen 2020 och bli matchad mot samtliga praktikplatser. Du kan fortfarande skicka in din ansökan efter detta datum men vi kommer då att ha påbörjat rekryteringen och urvalet av praktikplatser att bli matchad mot, kommer att vara mindre. Välkommen med din ansökan!

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