To enter a people's home, but with which people and in which home?

Jimmy Åkesson

Of: Lovisa Novak, Karin Klerby and Karl Follin

To a number of disposable flags with the Sweden Democrats' logo, Jimmie Åkesson entered the stage on Saturday night to hold Almedalen Week's penultimate party leadership speech. There was a speech that largely ignored Sweden's role in the world, except when it came to the refugee reception, or rather; the limitation of it.

July 8, 2018, Almedalen - current, Chronicle

Center Party in Almedalen: "It is serious now"

Photo: Poltikerveckan Almedalen, Flickr

Of: Fanny Persson Jaunzems, Amanda Herrström and Sumudu Lankika Ginigath Gala

Annie Lööf's party leadership speech is permeated by a shaky seriousness with emphasis on the threat from extremism and climate change. In addition to emphasizing the importance of cooperation, maintaining values ​​and innovation, few examples are given of how threats should be addressed.

July 5, 2018, Almedalen - current, Chronicle

Climate and equality in focus

Photo: Politicians' Week in Almedalen, Flickr

Of: Sofia Brännström, Klara Nordström, Kristina Fedai, Sadredin Mahmoudi

In Monday's speech, Jonas Sjöstedt clarified that equality and the climate are the basis for the Left Party's policy. Sweden must be an open country, a Sweden that does not build walls but welcomes and includes people fleeing crises, says Jonas Sjöstedt and attaches clear importance to the ideology and emphasizes international socialism.

July 3, 2018, Almedalen - current, Chronicle

The Moderates' party leadership speech in Almedalen - about the "team before the self"

Of: Cecile Nseya, Louise Ricknert, Louise Moberg and Fahmi Yusuf

During the Moderates' party leadership speech yesterday in Almedalen, Ulf Kristersson focused on domestic issues such as security, integration, the work against gang crime and issues concerning children and young people's health and opportunities. What was missing, however, was the perspective of Sweden's role in the world and the work to achieve the global sustainability goals.

July 2, 2018, Almedalen - current, Chronicle