One of FUF’s functions is to help bridging over the gap between higher education and work life. This area of activity is aimed at those who are interested in working, or already work, with global sustainable development. Most of our career activities require a basic understanding of Swedish.

The Internship Program

For those interested in doing a full semester’s internship, we offer an internship program with around 80 placements per year within both NGO’s, public sector institutions as well as the private sector. Just a few examples of our placements are Sida, Save the children and Forum Syd. Apart from the internship itself, participants are granted additional capacity training and networking opportunities. The program is given in Swedish, but you can participate even if you only have a basic level of Swedish – the important thing is that you can understand the contents of the capacity trainings and instructions. If you wish to apply or read more, visit the Swedish webpage, following this link: Praktikantprogrammet

Young Professionals

For those recently starting to work within the area of global sustainable development, we offer a network called Young Professionals. Through this network individuals participate in different types of activities: both formal capacity trainings to help boosting their careers, as well as informal meetings such as after works. This network is based in Stockholm and meetings are held in both Swedish and English. If you are interested in participating or have inquiries, please contact

Mentorship Program

Already an experienced worker within Swedish international development cooperation? Then we suggest you share your knowledge by signing up as a mentor for our mentorship program. Our mentees are young people with a strong interest in global development, who seek inspiration and advice for their further career within the sector, we have both Swedish and English speaking mentors. Please consult our webpage for more information about the mentorship program (page in Swedish) or contact