Lack of solutions in the parties' views on the future of the UN

Representatives of S, Mp, C and M discussed on Monday the UN's continued function as a platform for international issues, the ongoing reform work and Sweden's role in the organization. It is a challenge to discuss the reform work of such a large and narrow organization as the UN in 45 minutes and therefore the seminar left much to be desired.

The parties agree that the UN faces major challenges and that Sweden plays an important role in the organization to promote democratic development. All parties present agree that solid reform work is required if the organization is to continue to pursue effective work in the promotion of peace, security and the maintenance of human rights.

Other actions mentioned are the need to reduce the number of bodies within the organization in order to avoid them competing with each other and meet the "Delivery as One" goal. However, it is unclear which bodies should be abolished.

Sofia Arkelsten (M) mentions four concrete components for a more functional UN: results, accounting, better whistleblowing and demanding responsibility. Emma Nohrén (MP) believes that the reform work must consist of cutting off "old parts" in order to allow the core business to progress. Kerstin Lundgren (C) also describes in a similar way how it needs to be "considered" in the motley organization that the UN has become. How is not mentioned.

Sofia Arkelsten specifically mentions the Human Rights Council as a joke and as one of the structures that should be removed. Kerstin Lundgren (C) and Maria Andersson Willner (S) do not agree that the council should be abolished, but emphasize that it must be reformed. How is not mentioned.
Maria Andersson Willner (S) and Emma Norén (MP) agree that it must be more difficult for Member States to use the right of veto. How is not mentioned.

A discussion about an organization that has been criticized for being eroded also requires more meaningful arguments about how the challenges are best handled.

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