Bridge and conquer: Turning the global sustainability agendas into action

Our world is facing huge challenges to which we need to respond: climate change, poverty, ecosystem degradation, and inequality. Together, they demand major changes in behavior and decision-making.

World leaders have agreed upon two global agendas - the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement - which have the potential to tackle these challenges and transform our future. They set the framework for what needs to be done, but how can the agendas be turned into action? How do we make sure they are implemented in a coherent way? With the recent election to the European Parliament in mind, what can be done at the EU level?

Join us for a conversation about opportunities and challenges in turning the global sustainability agendas into action!

Maggie White, SIWI Swedish Water House
Anna Axelsson, Diakonia
Karin Lexén, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

13:00 Setting the Scene: Current challenges and water as a connector (Maggie White)
13:15 Compatibility, risks and opportunities in linking the two global agendas (Anna Axelsson)
13:30 EU post parliament elections - important issues to achieve the global goals and targets on sustainability (Karin Lexén)
13:45 Panel discussion and Q&A
14:30 End

A light lunch will be served from 12:30.

The seminar is held in English.

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