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CANCELED - Bolivia's indigenous women in a turbulent political time


Bad news! Due to the Corona virus, Segundina Flores from Bartolina Sisa has had to cancel her trip to Europe and this seminar will therefore need to be canceled. We hope that a representative from Bartolina Sisa can come to Sweden at a later time and tell us about what is happening in Bolivia. Soon, however, the Latin American groups will publish an article here on, focusing on Bolivia and trying to answer several of the questions that were intended to be asked in the seminar. - Watch out!

The last few months have been marked by political conflicts, major protests and a lot of violence in Bolivia. After almost 14 years in power, Bolivian President Evo Morales was ousted in November last year. Since then, an interim government has been in power and in May there will be a new presidential election.

In connection with the political conflicts, indigenous women have been particularly exposed to violence, threats and oppression.

Segundina Flores is visiting Sweden and will during the seminar talk about how the conflicts have affected her and her organization Bartolina Sisa.

Bartolina Sisa is a grassroots organization made up of indigenous women from different regions of Bolivia and was founded in 1980 in response to the aggressions, deportations and deprivations of liberty that trade union leaders endured during the military dictatorship. During Evo Morale's time in power, Bartolina Sisa has had great success in improving the situation of the country's indigenous women. Discriminatory laws have been changed and for the first time in history, indigenous women have taken seats in parliament and in many other public posts.

But what happens now? How are indigenous women affected by the political turbulence? And how does Segundina Flores see the future of Bolivia's indigenous women?

The call is arranged by Fuf and Latin American groups and will be in Spanish with a Swedish interpreter.

We offer drinks and snacks - A warm welcome!

Please note that the room is half a flight of stairs down without a lift.

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