Aid 2024: New chapter, new(t) Page?

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In September, Sida's new director general took office Jakob Granit. He takes over the aid authority at a time when the world is characterized by increasing conflicts and humanitarian crises, decreasing democratic spaces and increasingly clear consequences of climate change. In addition, Sweden's aid is undergoing major changes. Exactly what these will entail is currently unclear. 

How does Granit view Sida's role in the current world situation and with new political priorities? What leeway does the authority have, and what will its work look like going forward? We also get to take part in Granit's analysis of and from the climate conference COP28, in which he participates the week before the conversation at FUF. What does he bring from there into his work?   

Welcome to a breakfast conversation where these questions will be discussed! Lennart Wohlgemuth, board member of FUF, leads the conversation where participants are invited to ask questions. 

The conversation takes place at the FUF's office and we offers breakfast. Advance registration is required and there is a limited number of places. Registration closes at 12.00 on 19 December. The call will also be streamed live on our YouTube channel Fool play 


The venue is half a flight of stairs down without a lift and unfortunately there is no ear loop in the venue. 

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