Acknowledge your world anxiety: The climate

The earth is on its knees, and if everyone in the world lived and consumed like the Swedes, it would look even worse. At the same time, the sustainability movement is growing. More and more people are transforming climate anxiety into climate action. How does it happen? And what does it take to trigger real change?

After confessing our world anxiety in Almedalen 2016 and making an honest attempt to cure it in 2017, a question arose: Is world anxiety really something we want to get rid of? Maybe world anxiety is a driving force to affirm, if we get a little help on the run.

FUF and OmVärlden offer a different event that builds on last year's success Cure your world anxiety. Three seminars address each theme and begin with a treatment on the therapy couch. We talk about global challenges, and about how anxiety and frustration can be transformed into a workshop. Humor and seriousness are mixed around the theme of the day, and an artist presents his interpretation. Today we discuss the climate.

Therapist - Ahmed Al-Qassam, founder of Miljöpodden
Client - Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance at Nordea
Artist - Maia Hirasawa
Moderator - Ylva Bergman, editor-in-chief of OmVärlden

Welcome to the therapy couch!

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