Annual Meeting 2022

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FUF is a member organization and the annual meeting is its highest decision-making body. All FUF members have the right to vote on the organization's development and future during the annual meeting. Exercises must be provided by FUF no later than March 8. Exercises are sent by email to All annual meeting documents are available in the spring website and at the bottom of this calling.

When where how
This time we invite you to a hybrid annual meeting for the first time, ie those who want are welcome to participate on site, but it is also possible to participate via Zoom. If you participate via Zoom, you need to have access to a computer or mobile phone with internet, preferably with access to a webcam and microphone. We recommend logging in to Zoom 10 minutes before the start of the meeting to check that everything works, familiarize yourself with the program and have the chance to contact the office for technical support if something does not work.

When: 22/3 at 17.30-19.30. Anyone who wants is welcome to mingle from kl. 17.00.
Where: In FUF's premises on Ehrensvärdsgatan 4, or via the Zoom link that we send out to all registered the day before the annual meeting.
How: To participate on site or digitally notification is required, which you will find above. Sign up at the latest 20/3 so that we can determine the voting list and send out the Zoom link in time.

Program and agenda
2022 turns FUF 50 years old! During these 50 years, many driven and knowledgeable people have passed FUF and moved on to exciting positions in different parts of the world. What drove them to get involved in FUF then? What drives them now, and how have they used their experiences and contacts from the time with FUF during their careers? How do they view FUF's role during the half century that has passed, and our role in the world we live in today? We will investigate this during the year. The first conversation in this series of interviews will begin FUF's annual meeting. We will talk to Ulrika Modéer, former member of FUF's board, and today assistant secretary general and head of the UN development program UNDP's department for external relations and advocacy. After the initial conversation, we go through the agenda below point by point.

Election of chairman of the meeting
2. Adoption of agenda
3. Election of secretary for the meeting
4. Selection of two adjusters
5. Ask about the competent announcement of the meeting
6. The Board's annual report for 2021 and the business plan for 2022
7. The Board's financial report
8. Auditor's report
9. The issue of discharge from liability for the board
10. Exercises
11. Decision on updating FUF's statutes
12. Election of board
13. Election of two auditors and deputy auditors
14. Appointment of a nomination committee
15. Determination of membership fee and other fees
16. Other matters




Business plan
Annual accounts and auditor's report
Budget 2022
Economic report 2021
Audit report
The Nomination Committee's proposal 2022
Notice and agenda 2022
Amendments to the Articles of Association

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