Application to get a non-profit assignment at FUF!

To signup "

All members are welcome to apply for a non-profit assignment within FUF, but there are a limited number of places for FUF to be able to supervise and together produce qualitative information on global issues.

The application is open from 1/9 until Sunday 5/9 at 23:55. In the application, you answer a few questions, feel free to answer as detailed as possible.

The selection will be based on interest and time to get involved, as well as by drawing lots if the pressure on places is high.

Good to know before submitting your application:

Mandatory meetings take place at the beginning of each month on Wednesdays, during the autumn this will take place during the current pandemic via Zoom, usually at 17: 30-19: 00. We will, in the event of eased restrictions, have smaller group meetings at the office in Stockholm. You get dates and times on the start-up day.

- A mandatory start-up day is held digitally on Saturday 11/9 at 10-14. There we go through what the groups do in more detail and get to know each other.

- You must have been to the information meeting to apply to become a non-profit active. If you missed this, you can contact the office.

- You must be a member of FUF.

There are 4 different groups to get involved in this year:

- The editorial staff

- Event group

- The SoMe group

- FUF Correspondents

New for this semester is that all local groups that are eager to write for FUF must be part of Utvecklingsmagasinet's editorial staff. This can be done remotely.

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