Almedalen: What are the politicians doing to achieve the sustainability goals in Agenda 2030?

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We are approaching 2030 by leaps and bounds, the year when the countries of the world have agreed that we must have achieved equality for all, have safe and affordable water on earth and combat climate change. But how is Sweden's contribution? What are politicians doing today and what is their strategy?

With a focus on global issues, FUF, the Association for Development Issues, and Concord want to invite to a discussion, where civil society can ask both challenging, critical and critical questions to our politicians. We will be based on completely new data released in June 2021 on how far we have come in the fight to reach Agenda 2030. This report is called Civil Society Spotlight Report on Sweden's implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

With us we will have:

  • Annika Strandhäll, Social Democrats
  • Helena Antoni, Moderates
  • Håkan Svenneling, Left Party
  • Camilla Hansén, Green Party
  • Magnus Ek, Center Party
  • Gudrun Brunegård, Christian Democrats
  • Sara Frankl, Agenda 2030 Coordinator, Statistics Sweden
  • Moderator: Erik Halkjaer

We update regular panelists and more may be added. Do you have a question you want to ask? Email Matilda Andrén at to have a chance to have your voice heard!

You can find the call via Almedalen Play.

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