Agenda 2030 - how do we move forward?

After the UN hammered through Agenda 2030, the government appointed a delegation with the task of supporting and stimulating Sweden's implementation of the agenda. The delegation was commissioned to promote the dissemination of information and knowledge, to anchor Agenda 2030 through broad dialogue with various social actors and to propose an action plan to the government, which took place in May 2017. In June last year, the government decided on an action plan for 2018–2020.

On 11 March, the Agenda 2030 delegation will submit proposals to the Government for further implementation, thereby concluding its mandate. So where do we stand today? How does the delegation view the continued work of implementing Agenda 2030? Does the delegation have a role in the future?

Katarina Sundberg, Secretary General of the Agenda 2030 delegation, will be visiting FUF on 29 January. In recent years, FUF has closely followed Sweden's work to implement Agenda 2030, nationally and globally. In a series of conversations, those responsible in the public sector have been asked about who should actually do what, when and how.

Moderates do Lennart Wohlgemuth (FUF) and Sofia Svarfvar (Concord Sweden). Time will also be given to questions from the audience.

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